Motion graphics
AfterEffects · Illustrator

Animated stories for Penguin Random House's Instagram accounts, which promote their many bestsellers and classics. Each book has a different feel and public, and animations have become a way to connect with the target public in a more dynamic way.

Instagram animations for Penguin Random House, 2020-2022.

The oversaturation of content in social media platflorms has not reduced people's consumption of online media, but rather encouraged user to further curate the accounts they follow and reduce their time span of attention towards static images.

During my professional development at Penguin Random House, the marketing department discussed thier findings, and highlighted that the animated ads have been proven to capture the user's attention, especially if they are able to visualize different products in a single frame. In a comparison with static images containing the same information, users were more likely to interact and follow the CTA included in the ad if it was animated.