Print design
lllustrator · Photoshop · InDesign

Featured: Logo design for the 2021 Stephen King campaign in Latin America, Spain and Miami.

One of my proudest achievements is my involvement as lead graphic designer in one of my favorite novelist's international campaign, which included promotionals around libraries and a rerelease of the author's bestsellers in Spain. The Spanish design team used my logo to design the new four covers, which were released on the last quarter of last year. My dream is to continue leaving my mark as a book cover designer.

My work includes a wide range of posters, brochures, flyers, newsletters, infographics, presentations and displays.

Do you need bright, interesting concepts for your workspace services? Do you need to move from boring emails to an internal magazine for your employees? Print media might be just the solution for you. I have worked with print design for almost seven years now, since my previous personal projects designing study templates on Tumblr to my work as a project planner for university departments and as a freelance graphic designer.